Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Operator

One of the more interesting and state of the art jobs in the Marine Corps is the position of Marine Corps Aerial Vehicle Operator.  The aerial vehicle operator communicates with the unmanned flight vehicle using radio frequencies and networks, and directs it through its flight mission. They are in constant communication with the vehicle and direct it through all the different areas of the flight profile.  They stay in touch with the mission commander, the payload operator, and other personnel as called for by the mission.  The operator of the UAV is responsible for execution of the mission payload during the flight of the UAV.  They view images, television pictures, and at times direct fire from the UAV vehicle down on designated or illuminated targets.  The Marine Corps Aerial Unmanned Vehicle operator is a person who has to be very detail oriented.  Their attention needs to be focused, and they have to be able to take in a lot of details and data, while still maintaining a picture and sight of the mission and remain tasked on the mission. The Unmanned Vehicle Aerial Operator has to participate in the planning and assembly of the UAV mission, and of the continued crew coordination as the flight or mission progresses. One of the duties of the Marine Corps Aerial Vehicle operator is to set up and execute procedures in remote receiving and transmitting, and participate in station operations involved in the total mission and receiving UAV imagery. Training involved starts with Marine Basic Combat Training. After boot camp, a Marine Candidate will have to meet the physical requirements that are found for the UAV operator position. Their score on the ASVAB must include a GT score of 105 or more, and they have to pass entrance interviews.   Some Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Operators are required to pass a Top Secret Security clearance review, and you should not have been ever convicted of any crimes, especially felonies. Formal training for this position is held in Arizona, at Fort Huachuca.  This is a position for a person who is detail oriented, and can work well under pressure.   You should have normal hand eye coordination, normal vision and hearing.  You should be willing to work in harsh environments; the crew of a UAV is often near or on the front lines.  And you should be willing to direct live ordinance upon the enemy.  If these things sound interesting to you then perhaps this is the job specialty for you.




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