Speaking to Your Country, Speaking to the World

Are you interested in learning a language other than English? Did you study a language in school and want to become fluent? Are you already fluent in a foreign language and want to start a career that will take you on airplanes and in submarines? If so, consider a career in the US Military.

Working for Your Country

After you join the US Military, you’ll enter basic training where you’ll learn what it takes to become one of the members of the most elite armies in the world. When basic training is finished, you’ll enter advanced training where you’ll study your language of choice for 6 months to a year, depending on your exact specialty and whether or not you were fluent in the language when you joined the US Military. As a US Military officer, you’ll translate documents into English, interview prisoners of war in their native language and speak toe enemy informants. You’ll help the US Military in some of its most important work—translating enemy documents.   Click Here start a career protecting the freedoms you deserve.

Life as a Civilian

After your time in the US Military, you’ll be ready to work as an interpreter for both government and non-government organizations. The US Military will even put you in touch with those looking for US Military trained interpreters because they know you’ve received superior education. Click here to begin a career that offers true rewards—protecting your country.

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I want to partipate in this program

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