Make War Your Career: Join the US Navy

Take part in battles and help the US Military win the war on terror and other future wars by becoming an electronic warfare specialist for the Navy, National Guard or Marines Corps. Electronic warfare specialists ensure battle success by collecting, recording and translating military operations information within the US Military branches as well as other countries militaries, via wire taps and undercover agents.

Navy Electronic Warfare Specialist Training Requirements

Training for this position begins with 13 weeks of basic training; the initial 9 weeks of boot camp followed by 4 more weeks of weapons training to handle rifles. Additional specialty training at Corry Stations, FL follows in a classroom settings where these specialists learn how to use special computer programs and complete various training simulations to prepare for their first tour of duty. Navy electronic warfare specialists will begin their tours either at sea or on a shore station.

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What Does an Electronic Warfare Specialist Do After the Navy?

Electronic warfare specialists may seek careers in various fields upon completion of Navy service. Specialists may work for companies like Raytheon that provides electronic warfare systems to the US Military. With experience working with the systems, specialists may recommend new products or adjustments and upgrades for older products, acting as researchers for the company. Electronic warfare specialists often retire to civilian careers as electronics mechanics and intelligence operations specialists for the government or local law enforcement.

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