Deal With Civilian Media: Work in the Public Affairs Office of the Navy

Public affairs chiefs manage the public affairs office and take charge of planning programs, program budgets, managing programs and program budgets, providing support and counsel for military staff members and determining the effectiveness of programs. Chiefs also manage the other employees at the affairs office to ensure that media relations is conducted according to regulations and military standards. Each branch of the military, from the National Guard to the Army and Navy have their own formal Public Affairs office.

Training and Promotions to Become Navy Chief of Public Affairs

Becoming a public affairs chief begins with 9 weeks of basic, boot camp training. After this initial training, required for all entering Military members, personnel will complete additional training at Ft. Meade Maryland at the Defense Information School. Training will continue throughout the Military member’s active duty career. After all training is completed, the Public Affairs office will employ workers at all positions and employees must work up to the position of Chief of Public Affairs through promotions and outstanding service. Click to start your career as a Public Affairs Chief.

What Kinds of Civilian Careers Will a Public Affairs Chief Work at After the US Navy?

The Chief of Public Affairs for the military is often employed for several years, and retires from his position, directly into civilian retirement. High-ranking officers that do not work directly in combat zones, often hold their positions until they reach retirement ages. Other professionals in the public affairs office that retire from Military service may seek careers in various businesses providing public relations management and advice.

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