Serve Your Country by Paying One Soldier at a Time

One of the most important positions in any organization is the payroll and benefits administrator. A payroll and benefit administrator in the Navy and National Guard is responsible for ensuring that thousands of active duty and reservist soldiers and sailors receive an accurate paycheck every week as well as ensure that they can see a doctor when they are sick, that they can attend the college of their choice, and that housing and meal expenses are reimbursed.  This is a fast paced and high intensity position oftentimes.

There’s Never Been a Better Time to Enlist in the Military

Payroll and benefits administration is a vital part of any organization and the Navy and National Guard is no exception. Payroll and benefits administrators work within the accounting and finance management division that manages the weekly dispersal of earned wages, and ensures that all eligible benefits are properly accounted for. They may also contribute to budgetary planning, help track financial transactions as they relate to benefits administration, and prepare reports regarding the performance of benefits programs. Payroll and benefits administrators generally have a background in accounting and/or human services, which you can either bring with you or earn during your service with the Navy or National Guard.

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Experience You Can Take With You

The education and experience you earn in the military will serve you well long after your service with the military is done. Because payroll and benefits administrators have extensive, hands-on experience handling high volume and complex transactions, they are in high demand in the civilian job market. If you want to learn more about how to get a job in this exciting career, click here.

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