Do You Have a Love for Gadgets, Computers, and other Electronic Devices?

Then the US Military has a job for you!  Despite the slumping economy and lack of open civilian jobs, the Navy and National Guard are hiring individuals to install and maintain some of the most sophisticated communications, navigation and combat equipment in its arsenal. The Military employs men and women just like you to keep this country safe, one electronic device at a time. Think you have what it takes to work on some of the most advanced technologies known to man?  Click here to find out.

Military Electronics-More than Just Computers

Electronic equipment is found in every aspect of military operations. Electronic repair specialists are asked to perform a wide array of tasks, repairing and maintaining multi- million dollar navigation systems, advanced detection systems, and the many computers that ensure that our soldiers and sailors can do their very best to defend this country. These systems are located around the globe, in many countries, in the air and under the sea. Electronics specialists receive hands-on experience working in some of the most exotic locations on the map.

In addition to the travel benefits, Navy and National Guard electronics specialists receive the best training the electronics field, making them some of the most highly sought after technicians in the industry. Individuals are taught the fundamentals of electronics through extensive on-the-job training and formal classroom instruction. You also have the opportunity to receive advanced training in the operation of sophisticated communications systems and in the installation, upkeep, and repair of highly complex, computerized equipment and systems, all for free. Want to learn more?  Click here.

Will My Training Help Me in the Future?

You bet!  Electronics is an immense and growing career field with many job opportunities available after your service with the Navy or National Guard is over. In the military, you’ll learn the vital skills necessary to become successful in the civilian job market such as: teamwork, attention to detail, and leadership, as well as technical skills that will land you lucrative positions within any organization.  To find out how you can get started down the path to your new career, click here.

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