Traveling To Exotic Guam

Welcome to Guam, or as they say  “Hafa Adai ! “ If you have never visited the Island nation then you should consider vacationing there. It is a United States Protectorate, and offers a wide variety of things to do and things to see.  It is a location that can be accessed by Servicemembers flying via Space Available travel, but as with all Space Available travel, it is travel that can be for the patient.  To travel using Space Available you should have plenty of time built in to wait till a flight and space opens up. Guam has miles of ocean beaches, golf, skydiving, parasailing, as well as some of the most enjoyable tropical weather in the world.  There is a rich resource in history and historical sights if you enjoy studying the past in Guam, there are cultural landmarks, scenic overlooks, and historical sites galore to explore. Guam is also known for its various and extensive undersea wildlife, and can be observed simply by using a mask and snorkel. The Island of Guam is about thirty three hundred miles west of Hawaii, and about fifteen hundred miles east of the Philippines, in the Pacific Ocean.  It is close to sixteen hundred miles south of the Nation of Japan. Guam is a tropical paradise and one of the most popular tourist sites in the Western Pacific Ocean region. It is about thirty miles in length and varies from four miles to nine miles wide at its widest point. Guam has rolling hills, fields and cliffs that rise up to six hundred feet above sea level. Rivers, bays, estuaries and waterfalls dot the island. There are several five star hotels and resorts on Guam, and the beaches at Tumon bay are world renowned for their crystal clear warm water and white gleaming sand.  Scuba diving is available on Guam year round because of its tropical location, and scuba diving aficionados from around the world frequent it. There are a number of tourist destinations on the island, include a number of water parks and different beach clubs that offer windsurfing, paddleboats, pools, kayaking, and water sports. Other different activities found on Guam include trail hiking, deep-sea sport fishing and many other resorts. Guam was taken over by the United States in 1898 following the Spanish American War, and remains an unincorporated U.S. Territory since being recaptured from the Japanese during World War II.  It is a fun, reasonably priced vacation destination.




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