Navigate the High Seas as a Navy Surface Warfare Officer?

Surface warfare officers for the Navy travel the seas, managing the professionals and sailors aboard their ships. The surface warfare officer is given the chore of being the leader of his or her ship, submarine or other water vessel. The surface warfare officers are employed as drivers and fighters that manage the ship’s crew, perform various duties on board their vessels and act as ship captains. Surface warfare officers also work on National Guard ships, controlling the crews on these ships as well.

The Training Process for Navy Surface Warfare Officers

Surface warfare officers train in various ways and locations. One way to become this type of Navy officer is to enroll in Naval Academy or take a 12-week orientation course at Officer Candidate School in Newport, RI. Courses at each training facility include physical fitness courses, lecture and textbook learning courses and even bridge and ship driving simulations. Subjects covered in these training schools include ship control, Navy history, combat systems and strategic sea control among many other subjects.

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Career Outlook for Retiring Navy Surface Warfare Officers

The training required to become a surface warfare officer for the Navy can later be used for many civilian careers upon Navy retirement. Many candidates choose to retire to positions as oceanographers for research teams or information technologists on board research submarines and ships. Surface warfare officers with experience driving ships may even become crew members of commercial cruise ships.

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