Help Others as a Navy Social Worker

The Navy Social Worker provides many of the same services as a social worker in the civilian world. You will help to provide help with family crisis situations and prevent future problems from occurring within the family. The Navy Social Worker is an important career as you will be helping families to stay together even in the face of extreme hardship. Your duties as a social worker will be to help active duty and retired personnel in resolving issues both personal and family related.

Education Opportunities

To make sure you have the education you need, the Navy will pay for your education so you can further your career. If you have already finished through graduate school, you can get help in paying off your student loans. Through the Navy Health Services Collegiate Program, you can receive as much as $134,600 as you finish supervised clinics. This includes allowances for housing for a 24 month period.

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Pay and Health Benefits

As a Navy Social Worker, you will have access to some of the most comprehensive health care the nation has to offer. You will even have access to low cost life insurance should you decide you need it. This is in addition to all of the other benefits you get just for being a member of the Navy.

The pay you will receive will be competitive with any other social work office in the country. This is on top of housing and other kinds of incentives you will receive as a Navy social worker. For most people, just making a difference in the lives of other is payment enough.




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I have seen advertised jobs for Social Worker positions in the Air Force and Navy for civilians who have earned a degree in social work, but I cannot find any direct link to how to get into one of these programs that will allow me to finish supervised clnics. Is this false advertising or is this actually somewhere? Please help me find the right link to sign up as a social worker! Thank you.

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