Army Wellness And Support Benefits

The United States Army views military readiness very seriously.  And, the Army recognizes that the support and well being of the individual Army Servicemember is an important part of military readiness.  The Army supports different programs for soldiers, for during, before, and after their military deployment.  Programs exist in the Army National Guard, The Reserve Army, Active Duty Army, and in various civilian forms. Past Army efforts have centered on supporting the quality of life for our Servicemembers and families. The newest initiatives continue in this proud tradition, and consist of assembling different programs and efforts into a total framework of well-being.  The United States Army believes that the bridge that connects the needs of readiness and military preparedness that the Army requires, with the needs of the Servicemember and their families is this well being framework.  Part of this process is identifying and addressing the basic and primary needs of each individual in the Army Family. -To Live. -To Serve. -To Connect. -And to Grow. The fabric of all the Well Being initiatives grows out of these four basic goals. All that the Army achieves in order to accomplish its mission, in a garrison, or in a combat zone, at home or overseas, springs from this source. Working to address the spiritual, the material, the mental and the physical needs of individual Army members is part of meeting this Army mission.  There have been a great many changes in how the Army supports it Servicemembers over the last twenty years, as the Army has changed and adapted its mission for the 21st century, the well being and support programs have changed and adapted, too. Part of support during the current Global War on Terror is being helped with programs such as Disabled Soldier Support Systems, Deployment Cycle Support, and Army Central Command Recuperation and Rest Leave Programs.  The Army strives to provide resources to Army Servicemembers, Soldiers, Army Commanders and leaders, veterans, retirees, dependants, as well as civilians and members of the public at large. The Armed forces maintain a Well Being support office on most larger Army facilities, and there are a multitude of Web Based Internet Services available to Army personnel seeking specific information, support or answers to particular questions.  Only by working together to assist and support our Service people can we meet the missions and objectives we have as a country.




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