Energize Your Career as a Powerline Distribution Specialist

United States Army Powerline Distribution Specialists fulfill a very important role. This is because just like any other place in the world, a military base needs electrical power to operate. Your job will be to make sure power will be able to get to the different sections of the base without delay. Your function will make it possible for other sections of your unit to complete their tasks.

Training and Duties

Working as a Powerline Distribution Specialist in the US Army may call for you to work in combat arenas. This is why you will need to undergo basic training before you go through specialized training. You will learn in the classroom and hands-on how to fulfill your duties. These duties will include installing electrical poles, properly securing them with guy wires and installing conduits and other electrical transfer systems to direct power.

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Getting the Job and Advancements

There are a few skills which will help you to get the position of working as a Powerline Distribution Specialist in the US Army. You should enjoy working outside, have an interest in shop mechanics as well as an understanding of electrical delivery systems. You should also have the ability to work well with a team of people.

As your skills develop, you will have the ability to advance into leadership positions. You will be able to earn higher pay as well as gain more responsibility which will mean better pay. This will also set you up to work in management positions should you decide to leave the military later.




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I agree with Chambanachic…I think everyone has their tmemnos of wondering whether to stay or go…But I think the saddest thing is that ( at least in my personal experience) there seems to be a separation between ‘lifers’ and ‘shortime-ers’ . Some attitudes have seemed like ” well, if you’re not in it for life then you’re not really as good as the ‘rest’ of us.” Both to those actually serving, and between the families. It makes me sad, because, no matter the length of your sacrifice, as you say, we’re ALL serving/ have served. There shouldn’t be a seggregation between the “lifers” and the “short time-ers”. Each and every one of us has valueable experiences learned while serving the country, and can all benefit from the knowledge of others.Perhaps that only exisits in the perfect world in my head though :)I enjoyed your thoughts, and I hope this life in the Army is very good to you and your husband.

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