Education Veterans Benefits Increased

The rate of student payment for fulltime GI Bill students has raised to over one thousand dollars a month. The rate is now $1,101 dollars a month for Veterans or Active Duty Montgomery GI bill beneficiaries.  The total amount available on the Active Duty or Veteran Montgomery GI bill is now $39, 636 dollars, based on the 36-month time limit. One of the nice things is if you are eligible for the GI bill and you have benefits remaining, then you will qualify for the increase.  It does not matter when you began using it or when you became eligible. For participants in any of the Marine, Navy or Army College Fund programs, you may see even higher actual benefits.  This is also true for those participating in the GI Bill Buy up program.  The Montgomery GI bill programs for other groups have also seen an increase. The Selected Reserve Montgomery GI bill is now worth about three hundred dollars a month. If you are a participant in the Selected Reserve Montgomery GI bill program and a full time student you will see $317 dollars per month.  If you participate in On The Job Training or the GI Bill Apprenticeship program, you can qualify for up to $935 dollars a month.  Finally, if you are a member of the Reserve Assistance Education Program, you can get up to $880 dollars maximum a month. Veterans of Active duty military service had the Montgomery GI bill created for them, to assist in their training and education pursuits. It will pay for a variety of programs at different facilities, including: -Flight Training. -Certification and licensure for a trade or vocation. -Business, vocational, technical school courses. -College and University education classes. -Correspondence and Distance learning courses. -Job and Apprenticeship training (reserved for Reservists, and Veterans only). Using your Montgomery GI bill benefits only makes good sense.  It is good for ten years from your date that you were separated from Active duty service. If you are not utilizing the full available Montgomery GI Bill benefits that you qualify for, then you might want to reconsider. One good way to figure out if you want to use your GI benefits under the MGIB is to go visit a school that you might want to attend.  Talk to their counselors, visit the campus, and maybe even sit in a class or two.  If you have not attended school for a long time, this may help you over the barrier, or get you primed to return and finish your degree.




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