Why You Should be an Aircraft Pneudraulics Repairer

The United States Army depends on its many aircraft to perform multiple functions. One of the many systems the aircraft is dependent on is the pneudraulic system. This is a system which is a combination of the pneumatic systems and the hydraulic systems. They are responsible for navigation as well as keeping the bird in the air. Working as an aircraft pneudraulics repairer will help the Army to complete missions and to keep soldiers safe.

Duties and Training

In order to complete your tasks as an Army aircraft pneudraulics repairer you will undergo the basic training like any other soldier. You will then go through 13 weeks of advanced training. Your training will teach you how to do such things as make tubes and hoses. You will also be responsible for removing, testing and repairing peudraulics assemblies, subsystems and systems.

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A Sense of Achievement

Not only will you get to enjoy the feeling you are doing something for yourself. You can enjoy the feeling you are helping out your fellow soldiers to complete their missions. You will have the skills and training necessary to make a career in the US Army or in the civilian world as you choose.

You will also have an opportunity to get an education in a vocational or college program. This will be paid for through the United States Army as a part of the tuition program they offer. You will also have the opportunity to take many classes on the base for free.




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