How to be an M-1 Abrams Tank Maintainer

The M-1 Abrams tank is one of the most important tanks used by the United States Army today. It is used in a variety of different arenas. By working as an M-1 Abrams tank Maintainer you will be helping to make sure one of the key components to the fighting force is working properly. You will receive the training to help you understand the systems you will be working with and how to properly maintain them.

Helpful Skills

It takes a special individual to work as an M-1 Abrams tank maintainer. This is why it is recommended you have certain skills before you attain the job. You should have an attention to detail to complete projects which require a high degree of accuracy. You should also have an interest in working on turbine engines, working on diesel engines, work with electrical equipment, work with electronic equipment, math and science.

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Benefits and Opportunities

Other than attaining the skills necessary to work in a rewarding career you will have the ability to receive such benefits as comprehensive medical and dental. You will also receive housing opportunities for your family on and off base.

The one opportunity which most people take advantage of is the ability to go to college to further your career. You can even attend a vocational school if you feel you would like to work with mechanical systems as a career. The United States Army will pick up the tab no matter what direction you decide on.




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