VA Benefits Work Study Program

As a Veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces, you have a lot of benefits, some of which most people either are not aware of, or do not take full advantage of.  There is a special program for Veterans who are in college or vocational/professional programs at least three quarter time.  It is a work-study program reserved exclusively for Veterans, and cannot be accessed unless you are a veteran. It allows you to work while learning, and to be paid out of a special VA study work allowance. It is available to any and all Veterans attending school under any of the following programs: -Post Vietnam Era Veterans Education Assistance Program. -Montgomery GI Bill- Active Duty. -Disability and Training for Veterans Rehabilitation. -Dependents of Servicemembers Educational Assistance programs. -Montgomery GI Bill-Reserves. The amount and availability of these benefits are only available if you apply.  Do not rely on secondhand information, if you think that you qualify then you should immediately apply to the VA and find out. Factors that the VA use in selecting student for the Work study program may include: -The student disability, if any. -Job availability inside a normal commuting area for the student. -Eligibility to complete the work-study contract before end of student education benefits. Veterans with a thirty percent service connected disability receive the top priority; everyone else is awarded aid depending on available aid at the institution or school where you attend classes.  Sometimes you can perform VA duties at a VA site not located at your school, it all depends on the program you are in. If you work for the VA in a work-study position you will work at the state or federal minimum wage, whichever is more. Sometimes the school, college or university where you perform your work may pay part of your wages.  This is because some schools pay work study students more than that minimum, and in some cases they will make up the difference for VA work study students doing the same work.  As a VA work-study student you will have an opportunity to be paid in advance if you so desire.  The VA will sometimes pay up to forty percent of the total hours awarded to you in the work-study contract in advance.  After you work that number of hours, each time you complete fifty hours of service you will be again paid. The type of work you can do as a VA work-study student can vary. So it is good to apply early if you think you will qualify, as jobs are awarded on a first come first serve basis.




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