Why You Should be a USCG Storekeeper

The United States Coast Guard has many exciting careers. It can sometimes be difficult to choose the positions you will work in. One of the exciting positions which people enjoy working in is as a USCG Storekeeper. The USCG Storekeeper is the person responsible for all of the important supplies which personnel depend on to be able to do their jobs. By filling this position you will be filling a very necessary position to the success of the USCG.

Position Responsibilities

Working as a USCG storekeeper means working with computer systems in order to maintain an accurate record of what you have on hand at all times. This will help you to know what you have and what you need more of. By keeping accurate and detailed records you will never be short on any of the supplies which your unit might need.

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Training and Deployment

Other than basic training you will have to go through a seven week training course. The training is a performance based training program. You will learn such things as: – Property Management – Shipping and Receiving – Using Finance & Procurement Desktop – Research Federal Logistics Data – Transportation of Freight – Inventory management – Fiscal Procedures

You may be deployed to either shore units or to cutters. Some have even been deployed to ice breakers. You may find yourself completing tasks for headquarters units rather than working directly with a unit. No matter where you are stationed, you will be doing your part to protect the nation.




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