Army Specialist Paralegal

Serving in the Army as a Legal Specialist you would be part of the Judicial System of the United States Army.  You would help out the JAG, or Judge Advocate General of the Army in a branch office, or be assigned to a command as part of the legal team. Army Paralegal specialists help judges, Army unit commanders, and Army lawyers with judicial work and various legal matters.  They provide administrative support and legal work in areas such as defense legal services, international law, contract law, and legal judicial services. An Army paralegal specialist works in areas involving: -Preparing and assembling records involving investigations and hearings. -Assisting in record keeping for Courts of Inquiry. -Helping when requested with preparation and implementation of Court-martials. -Researching and documenting Army regulations and court decisions. -Helping with appeals and legal claims. To apply for the job of Army Paralegal Specialist you have to be able to type at least 30 wpm. Normal eyesight and hearing are required, as well as the ability to communicate in written and verbal form.  Sometimes an Army Paralegal has to read a passage or document aloud at different types of court proceedings.  Working as an Army Paralegal specialist will take you into a lot of different and interesting situations, you may be privy to details of different court proceedings that many people never learn about or see. After training as an enlisted soldier at nine weeks of basic training, you will travel to Army Legal specialty school, for an additional ten weeks of training.  You will study subjects such as: -Transcribing documents at high speed. -Preparation and techniques in legal documents. -Research Techniques, and legal terminology. -Procedures involved in the Army Judicial Process. If you have an interest in legal things, or enjoy working with the law, and you are an organized person, that would be able to work swiftly and accurately then this may be a job for you.  If you have been successful in accurate record keeping or have experience working in a law office that is an additional plus.  As an Army Legal Specialist or Paralegal you have to have or develop the ability to listen carefully, and to accurately retain information.  Any past business involvement, or use of speech and typing skills are a plus if you are considering working in this Army Job. Senior Enlisted Army Paralegals will often supervise office staff, or act as a supervisor for an entire legal office or command section.  They often also advise other soldiers on technical areas of the law, and maintain section files, records, and command law libraries.




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I would like to find out more information about the position in legal field. I worked as a paralegal for several years. I was born and grew up in Ukrain. Now I am a citizen of the USA.

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