What You Need to Know About NROTC

Many people looking to have a career in the United States Navy make the choice to go through the NROTC program. This is a program which is available for college students to get money for college as well as to enter the Navy with an elevated rank. Not everyone knows everything they need to know about NROTC. It is a good idea to find out as much as possible before enlisting.

Where NROTC is Available

Not every college has NROTC available for their students. The good news is the program is available at many of the best colleges. These include many of the technical colleges as well as a lot of state colleges as well. It is important to get accepted into the college first as you will not be able to participate in NROTC if you do not attend a college which is accepted by the NROTC program.

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How Much You Can Get

Those going to college through NROTC have the ability to receive up to $180,000. This is enough to allow you to go to school for four years. The program will even cover you for five years if you are going to school in one of the technical programs covered.

The money will go towards tuition payments, books a spending allowance and related fees. This way you will be able to concentrate on college while you are in college rather than having to worry about working a part time job to make ends meet.




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