Protecting the Nation as a PATRIOT System Repairer

The United States Army utilizes different defense mechanisms to defend the nation as well as the bases which are established throughout the world. One of the key components to this defense is the PATRIOT missile. This is not possible if the PATRIOT system is not functioning properly. The job of the PATRIOT System Repairer in the US Army is to make sure the missiles which will defend the nation’s assets are working properly.

What You Will do

You will be trained by the United States Army to complete different tasks including performing regular maintenance on the different essential systems for launch and tracking of PATRIOT missiles. You will also be responsible for isolating problems in the system and making sure to repair them to operating standards in a quick and efficient manner.

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How to Get the Job

In order to get started as a PATRIOT System Repairer in the US ARMY you should have the following skills: – Ability to complete tasks requiring attention to detail and accuracy – Interest in electrical and electronic equipment – Interest in science and mathematics – Interest in working on weapons

You will have to go through a 52 week advanced training course in addition to the basic training all soldiers will have to go through. You will be taught the skills essential to your ability to complete your job. Entry into the advanced training course will be determined upon your willingness to enter the program as well as your score on the ASVAB.




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