Making a Difference as a USNR Boatswain’s Mate

The United States Navy Reserves has a need for many different types of technological systems. These include such advanced pieces of machinery as the catapult launch system which propels a multi-ton airplane from a complete standstill to flying in a very short span. There are many jobs within the Industrial and Mechanical Technology field of the US Navy Reserve which are necessary. One of the hottest jobs available in this field right now is as a Boatswain’s Mate.

Keeping the Navy Going

As a Boatswain’s mate you will be responsible for helping to many of the different ceremonies and operations sailors depend on will be able to continue unabated. This is because the boatswain is a title which is in between titles. You will not have a true rank or rating because you will not have a true job. This does not mean you will not be helping in many various aspects of the Navy Life.

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Why You Should be a Boatswain’s Mate

The majority of people who become a boatswain’s mate do so because they are waiting for the rating they desire to become available. It is a way to fulfill a necessary duty while you wait until the rating you really want becomes available.

Being a boatswain’s mate is still a very rewarding career and you can learn a lot about the Navy while you are fulfilling your duty. This will allow you to propel your career and your income further. Click above to get more information.




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