Important Career as an Interpreter for the National Guard

The National Guard carries out its mission throughout the world. As such there is a need for those who will be able to understand what is being said by the locals. This will help in negotiating information as well as brokering peace between warring factions. Your job as an interpreter in the US National Guard will be challenging while being highly rewarding.

Incentives to be an Interpreter

Beyond having the ability to enjoy a fulfilling career in the National Guard, you will also receive a generous signing bonus. If you are in the process of becoming a citizen of the United States the National Guard will be able to help expedite your citizen status. You will also receive excellent training in English skills is you will be using your native language as your language skill.

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Duties and Responsibilities

As a US National Guard Interpreter you will be helping to translate conversations between soldiers and civilians. You will also be working closely with visiting diplomats or other foreign dignitaries. Your duties may also carry over into certain public relation assignments where you will be explaining the US position on a matter.

This is a perfect position for anyone who was either born in a different country or comes from a home in which another language other than English is spoken. The more fluid you are able to speak the separate language, the more in need your skills are.




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