How to be a Utilities Equipment Repairer

The atmosphere on any United States Army Base is that of a community. There are families and soldiers living out their daily lives. Homes come with all of the same things you will find in the civilian world including utilities like water, gas, heating, air conditioning and electricity. These are standard essentials which all people need in order to lead normal lives. It is the duty of the Utilities Equipment Repairer in the US Army to provide the service necessary for the equipment which provides air conditioning or fire suppression to operate properly.

The Training You Will go Through

To make sure you have the skills necessary to do your job, you will be trained for 11 weeks in an advanced training course. This will teach you how to perform such things as inspect, troubleshoot repair different electrical and mechanical systems. This training will be useful even if you should ever decide to leave the military.

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Beneficial Skills

Because the placement of each soldier is up to the Army rather than the soldier, it is beneficial to have certain skills. These include having an interest in solving problems, electric motors, shop mechanics, electricity and mathematics. You should also have an ability to use different kinds of tools.

Even if you are not able to retain the placement when you enlist in the US Army due to lack of need, it does not mean you cannot be reassigned there later. Make sure it is on record you would like to work as a utilities equipment repairer to have a better shot.




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