Why You Should Work as a Weather Apprentice in the USAFR

The United States Air Force Reserve needs qualified people to handle all different kinds of responsibilities on a part time basis. The reserve is an important part of the Air Force because without it, there would be no force the US Government can call on in a time of war. There are different conflicts in which the reserve is also necessary. For the most part, those who see the biggest return on being in the USAFR are those enlisted. The weather apprentice in the US Air Force Reserve helps to make sure the pilots and the ground crew are aware of weather conditions at all times.

Job Availability

The greatest part about this rating is the availability always seems to be there. This means you will go from training to working in a much shorter period of time. Your training will be put to good use in making sure all flights are able to take off and land without having to encounter any kinds of surprises along the way.

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Career With a Future

One of the greatest parts about working as a Weather Apprentice in the United States Air Force Reserves is the fact you will always have a career which will be in demand. The airports all around the country still are in need of people who have the ability to predict the weather in order to properly direct flight plans for all airplanes.




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