Focus on Your Career as a Navy Optometrist

Your eyesight is very important to you. Your ability to see correctly is also very important to the United States Navy when you are a member of the military force. They will help to make sure every sailor is able to see by providing the best possible care. Providing good eyesight care is possible by hiring the best and the brightest optometrists to look after each and every sailor.

Education for Your Career

Working as an assistant in optometry will allow you to get the skills you need to move on to a physician position. You will be trained on how best to assist the optometrist in providing the best possible care. If you are already licensed or educated as an optometrist you will be put in charge of a unit without having to go through basic training. Either way the Navy will pay for your tuition costs.

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Station Assignment

Because there is not a need for an optometrist in the battle field you will be stationed on an ir craft carrier or on one of the domestic bases. You will get to know the sailors which are stationed with you as well as the families.

You may even find yourself stationed on bases across the ocean which presents the unique opportunity to travel as a part of your working career. To learn more about making a career out of optometry in the US Navy click on the link above.




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