Strong Career as a Carpentry and Masonry Specialist

The United States Army is always in need of qualified individuals who have the ability to build strong structures. The need for building structures is due to the fact the Army has to work in a variety of different settings. This means having to build structures for command posts as well as constructing a new base or new structures on an existing base. The duty of the Carpentry and Masonry Specialist in the US Army is to build sound structures the Army will use.

Training for Your Career

In order to make sure you understand how to do your job well, you will not just be thrown into a work situation with a hammer and some nails. You will undergo basic training as well as advanced training. You will learn the skills necessary to not only construct proper structures. You will learn how to read and follow blueprints.

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Bright Future in Masonry and Carpentry

No matter where in the world you end up after the military there will always be a need for someone who has the ability to build things. The training you receive in the US Army will make it possible for you to walk on any construction site with the skills necessary to get a job.

With the leadership training you will receive, you will make a great candidate for working as a foreman on any job site. To learn more about career building in the US Army, click on the link above.




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