Interior Army Electrician Jobs

The Army utilizes trained personnel to harness electricity for a number of different jobs.  They use it to light hospitals, run computers, operated power equipment, and to run power tools.  There are a million and one uses that the Army uses electricity for on a daily basis, and the need for trained people to harness electric power is constant. Electrician jobs in the Army require being responsible for repairing and installing a great number of electrical systems and electric services into buildings, airplane hangars, offices, repair shops, and other facilities. Some of the different responsibilities that a Army Interior Electrician may be responsible for can include- -Reading and interpreting blueprints to find out and implement electrical system designs. -Consulting wiring plans to repair, diagnose and replace electrical components in wiring. -Using and operating various electric test equipment. -Cutting and bending conduits, and stringing wire for electric circuits. -Installing electric boxes, switches, lights and service panels. -Installing and wiring junction boxes, circuit breakers, transformers and other items. -Using both hand and power tools to strip and install wiring systems. -Inspecting and diagnosing systems to find and repair electric problems. -Installing and designing lightning rods to protect key electric systems. After nine weeks of basic training, the person selected for the 21R MOS, or Army Interior Electrician job will attend six weeks of additional training.  You will be taught basic soldering skills, repair of electric wiring systems and additional training in electricity and electric theory. You will have both practical training as well as classroom theory in subjects such as: -Safety procedures. -Troubleshooting electric circuitry. -Wiring and installation techniques for outlets, switches and junction boxes. -Electric theory and principals of wiring. Many people like doing physical work, and working with tools.   If you have experience in dealing with mechanical things, enjoy working with tools, and if you have an interest in math and science, then this may be a job for you. As you rise in rank and seniority you will have an opportunity to observe and supervise other soldiers with the electric discipline. You can be involved in: -Instructing soldiers in the use of test equipment. -Supervising and planning interior electric systems. -Supervising all different aspects of the Army Electrician field. Skills and ability you form as an Army Electrician can serve you for your entire life. It will give you marketable skills you can use for years after you leave the Army.




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I am electrician for how many years and i have experience in local, abroad.
Most of my experience are installation of various electrical panel and switch gear in substation.
Installation of lighting system, fire alarm system and communication system in the plant.

I am interesting on that position if still available.
Hoping your reply soon.

Nilo Polledo

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