Helping Others as a USAF HVAC and Refrigeration Apprentice

There are a variety of facilities in the United States Air Force in a variety of conditions around the world. In order to safeguard the men, women, equipment and supplies within these facilities the air must be regulated to specific temperature. This is especially important when the supplies happen to be food. The right temperature is imperative to prevent spoilage. The job of the HVAC and Refrigeration Apprentice in the USAF is to help make sure all facilities’ equipment is working properly to insure the proper temperatures are met.

Valuable Training for Your Career

There are men and women signing up every day to take classes as an HVAC specialist. They are willing to pay thousands of dollars to learn the same information you will be paid to learn. This training will make you highly valuable to the US Air Force. As such you will receive immediate assignment to your station. This training will also mean you will have steady employment no matter whether you decide to stay in the military or not.

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Additional Benefits

Just by being an Airman in the US Air Force you will have access to some of the best benefits you could ever hope to find in the workforce. This includes comprehensive medical and dental benefits. You will even have access to a low cost life insurance policy which will pay out in case you are hurt or injured while on the job.




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I want to join the Air Force for Hvac. Already have past experience and went to school for it but the recruiter I spoke to says I’m not guaranteed to work hvac if I join. Doesn’t make sense why some with experience in one trade would be put into another with no experience.

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