Saving Lives as an Army Chief Medical NCO

The United States Army is an Organization like any other. They have middle management as well as upper management. This is necessary to form liaisons between the upper military brass and the enlisted personnel. In terms of the medical community, this is extremely important. The job of the Chief Medical NCO in the US Army is to make sure that all medical personnel is following the orders which have been handed down.

Traveling Duties

One of the great parts about the work that you will be doing is that you will be able to do it in different locales. This is because anywhere that there is a need of a medical facility, there is a need for the correct organization. You will complete the task of keeping control over the day to day operations of the enlisted staff in the medical community as well as reporting issues and suggestions to the officers and medical administrative staff.

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Variety of Assignments

As your skills and knowledge increases, so will your responsibilities. You will work in a variety of different sized medical facilities. You will help to maintain field units as well as maintaining major Army medical facilities with some of the best physicians in the business. At times you may even be called upon to provide your recommendations or counsel to those on staff at the Pentagon. To learn more about how you can get started in this rewarding career field, click on the link above.




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