Get Moving as an Army Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic

Cargo, personnel and materials must be moved from one location to another all the time in the United States Army. This is made possible due to the various different vehicles which the Army uses to complete its mission. These vehicles need to be properly maintained at all times in order to make sure that they are available for use when needed. When you work as a wheeled vehicle mechanic, you will help to maintain the vehicles the US Army relies on every day.

Important Training

You will be taught how to complete your duties as you go through a 12 week advanced training program. You will be taught how to maintain every kind of vehicle used in transportation from personal transport to 18 wheel flatbed trucks that are used to transport heavy machinery to where they are needed throughout the country and throughout the world. The training you receive is something others will pay thousand for. Best of all, you will learn the skills you need as you are getting paid to do your job.

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Skills for Your Career

The skills you will learn in the US Army will allow you to get a job working as a mechanic in many different civilian organizations. You will understand how to maintain a fleet of trucks for a professional organization, or how to maintain personal vehicles for individuals. To learn everything you need to know to get started in your career, click on the link above.




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