Servicemember Debt Management

When you are working to deal with debt, you should be aware that all debt settlements and solutions are not the same. You should be aware that there are different types of debt settlements, and solutions to choose from. Debt Consolidation- The term itself means that you take all your debt, and combine them into a single amount.  And that you make a single payment toward retiring all your debts with that single payment. The term has been used to sell people on restructuring their home loans, and various other types of re financing. Many times these loans seem to work well but the major advantage is for the profit for the company offering the new loan. A debt consolidation can work for your advantage, but you have to be aware of all the elements of your new loan or refinancing.  Using your home to generate revenue by a 2nd mortgage can be beneficial, but there are a lot of factors to consider. Debt Management- This is a term used by different consumer credit counseling firms.  It is not actually debt consolidation, but can seem like it.  You still make a single payment, but it is a method of retiring your debts in full. This is a good way to pay your debts and improve your credit rating. Consumer Credit agencies are as a rule reputable, and part of the reason this is true is they are created to help solve, not just put a bandage on, consumer credit crisis.  They work with creditors and because they are reputable, creditors will often work harder to make things work. One word of advice- don’t stop paying your bills if you can possibly help it. Creditors will work with you if they realize that you have little options but are willing to pay. Try to talk to your creditors directly, and if that fails, then seek help from a Consumer credit agency. If as a debtor you stop with bill payment, there are a lot of legal remedies your creditors can take that can create a lot of havoc. If you are slapped with a lawsuit, or worse yet if they approach your command (if in the military) or your employer if a civilian and garnish your wages it can sometimes make relations with your boss or commander dicey. Its best to work things out with your creditors.  Then you can rest easy and build a financial future for your retirement, free from a lot of the stress.




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