Getting Through Army Boot Camp

One of the first challenges you will face in the United States Army is getting through Boot Camp. This is a test which is meant to make sure that you are ready and able to serve in the Army. You will be trained at the same time that you are welcomed to give up. The best idea to make sure you are able to make it through the program is to know what to expect so that you can prepare for it both mentally and physically.

The Three Phases

The first thing you should know is that the basic training will last for around 9 weeks. During each phase you will learn the basics of military combat as well as making sure that you are aware of what will be expected of you as a soldier in the modern Army. You will go through Phase 1 (red phase) which consists mainly of running, physical exercise and rifle training. Phase 2 (white phase) consists of Weapons training including firing your rifle, bayonets and grenade training. Phase 3 (blue phase) consists of different field training exercises including such tasks as learning how to set up a tent.

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Never Give Up

If there is one thing anyone who has gone through boot camp will tell you, it is to never give up. They will tell you that you will be pushed hard with little sleep and a lot of yelling. You will feel like giving up, but you should always keep your eyes on your goals. To learn more about life in the Army, click on the link above.




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You should really research your material first. This picture is from the Marine Corps. and also the 3 phases are also part of the Marine Corps. not the Army.

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Thank you Johnathan, I will alert the content writers. I agree with you. Above all, thanks for the heads [email protected]!!

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