What Does Air Force ROTC Offer You?

College students all across the nation are thinking about what they will do after they get out of college. While many think they have it all figured out, they merely have a plan that they want to follow. When you go through am Air Force ROTC program you will have a guaranteed spot in the Air Force as well as an officer position to get you started off right with good pay and a great job.

What is Expected of You

When you go through the Air Force ROTC program, you will be expected to go through a basic military training program one of your summers. You will also be required to take military history classes. You will also need to report for some weekend training exercises including physical training. This will make sure that you are prepared for military life as well as your career once you graduate from college.

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What You Get

The main thing you will get from being in the Air Force ROTC program other you’re your position and career is that you will get to go to college for free, You will even be given spending allowances so that you can buy things beyond just the books that you need. This will allow you to concentrate on going to school and getting a quality education rather than worrying about money for the things you want to do. Click on the link above to get even more information on Air Force ROTC programs including which schools have them.




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Does the airforce have early enlistment for juniors and seniors in high school. I am currently in Jr. ROTC and would love to enlist this summer for boot camp. I am now a Junior.

military dot image dionn bryant runk    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

CAn the owners of the site tell me the requirements to join? I’m 50% tempted to join.

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