Working as a Civilian in the Air National Guard

The Air National Guard has a big responsibility in making sure that the nation is safe from foreign attack. The men and women that defend the nation do a great job in their military duties, but not every job in the Air National Guard is of a military nature. As a result, there are many people who are hired by the Air National Guard to serve without ever having to go through military training.

What Careers Are Available

The main careers which are available for those who will work as a civilian in the Guard are the jobs that service the base itself. Positions like grade school education and specialty technicians are hired for their skills and expertise. You will be paid through the military, but you will not live on the base and you will not be included in any required deployments for enlisted personnel.

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Benefits of Working as a Civilian

The great thing about working as a civilian in the Air National Guard is you get all of the same benefits as the personnel without any of the risk. Your employee benefits will far surpass anything you would be able to receive in any other position available in the civilian work force. This will allow you to live your life more fully while enjoying the satisfaction that you know you are doing your part. Click on the link above to learn even more about working as a civilian in the military.




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For civilian jobs in 1102 Contracting , do the people have to go through miilitary training ?

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As a civilion, is there any chance of deployment to war?

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I’m a certified A&p mechanic and wanted to pursue a contract job ? Do you have to go through boot camp.?

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