Working with Animals in the US Army

The United States Army uses animals in many different ways. One of the most common ways animals are used is as K-9 officers in police and military units around the world. No matter what kind of animal it is, if it is used in the service if the US Army, it will be protected by the same medical care which is afforded any human soldier. Providing the care for these special animals is the Animal Care Specialist.

Function of Your Job

The work you will be doing in the US Army as an animal care specialist is similar in nature to what a veterinarian would be doing in the civilian world. You will examine and care for sick or wounded animals. You will also make sure the trainers and handlers are providing the right care for their animals. This will help to make sure the animals are there when they are needed to protect the humans in their unit.

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Training and Education

Those who are interested in this career will likely start training before they ever enter the Army or you will go through training after you have already enlisted. You will need to have a degree in veterinarian science to work in this field. If you already have a degree than you can make a commitment which will mean the US Army will pay back your education costs. Click on the link above to learn even more about being an animal care specialist in the US Army.




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this looks awsome for me when i grow up because i love animals and the us army!

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This looks great, exactly what i want to do… Do you have to have the veterinarian science degree to be in this MOS? What if you are already in the Military an wish to switch your MOS to become a 68T? Is there any exception to this matter?

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