What You Need to Know About the GI Bill

There have been many changes to the GI Bill since it was created for soldiers returning from World War II. It was designed to help soldiers to go to college, buy homes and even to start a business. While much has changed about the Bill, it is still a great way to improve the lives of the soldiers as a thank you for their service to the United States and its citizens.

Who is Eligible

All enlisted personnel in the Armed Forces has access to the Montgomery GI Bill. Even Reserves personnel who see 90 days of active service are eligible to receive benefits from the GI Bill as long as they remain in service. You will remain eligible for benefits even 10 years after you are discharged from the military.

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What You Can Get

The major purpose of the GI Bill these days is to help you go to college or vocational school. While you will receive what you need to pay your tuition, you will also receive benefits to help you pay for rent and groceries. There is even a chapter of the GI Bill which provides coverage for your family should anything happen to you. If you opt to have money removed from your pay while you are in service, you will receive even more benefits. Click on the link above to learn even more about the GI Bill and what it can do for you.




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