Benefits of Being a Weather Officer

There are few things in life which do not depend on the weather. Flying highly technical avionics missions are extremely dependent on the right weather conditions to be successful. This is why it is highly important that in the United States Air Force there are men and women hard at work to find out the exact weather conditions which are in the area and are approaching. As a Weather Officer in the US Air Force, you will play an integral role in finding the information necessary to run successful operations.

Details of Your Career

In order to provide the right weather information on a daily basis, it is imperative that the right weather models are being produced. This includes making sure to develop coordinate and direct research and studies about metrological intelligence. The information you will develop about the atmosphere and weather conditions will help to influence mission planning for current and future missions.

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Path to Your Position

You will be able to go to college in order to get the education that you need to enter your position. This can either be through the ROTC program or through the tuition assistance you will receive after you have been in service. You will also have the opportunity to work your way into the position through the experience you will receive as a weather apprentice. Click on the link above to receive more information about this and other officer careers in the US Air Force.




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