The Many Faces of Navy Science

In order to be innovative enough to stay ahead of the rest of the world, the United States Navy depends on science. There are many different aspects which help the US Navy to stay in command of the oceans of the world. These include everything from meteorology to nuclear science. This is why the US Navy invests a lot of time and money into making sure that the scientific areas are staffed by the best and the brightest at all times.

On-Going Education

Getting a job as a scientist of any kind in the US Navy requires that you have a PhD in your field. Keeping you fresh and up to date on all of the latest innovations in your field requires that you go through constant educational training. This on-going training allows you to stay up to speed with the rest of the world while you work hard to get ahead of the best scientific methods which are available.

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Keeping Sailors Safe

One of the most important aspects of your job will be to make sure that all of the resources used by the sailors in the US Navy are safe to use. This will not only help the Navy to be more proficient. It will help to make sure that the sailors are able to complete more missions with a higher rate of success and a lower rate of death or injury. Click on the link to find out how you can get started as a scientist in the Navy.




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