Shaping Your Future as an Army Metal Worker

Sheet Metal is used every day in the United States Army every day for a multitude of different purposes. Everything uses sheet metal, from the structures inside the base to the vehicles used in the field. Making the right sheet metal for use with these vehicles and structures depends on the skills and the training of those who create them. This is why the metal worker in the US Army is so important.

Creating Armor

Armor is highly important is a world of IEDs on the side of every road in Iraq and Afghanistan. Sometimes it is simply not possible to wait for extra armor to arrive from back home. This is when the US Army metal worker takes action to produce the sheet metal armor which will provide the armor that will be used to save lives. Best of all, the armor can be removed when the permanent additions arrive.

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The Right Training

You will go through extensive training in order to make sure that you not only understand the principles of how certain metals act. You will also learn how to safely make permanent additions and corrections to facilities so that they do not look as if they had a problem to begin with. You will also understand how to fix and protect the exterior of vehicles after they have been penetrated by fire or shrapnel. Click on the link above to find out even more about your future as a metal worker in the US Army.




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