Important Career in Navy Intelligence

The United States Navy is one of many organizations in the world which is interested in gathering and utilizing intelligence to gain and maintain the upper hand. The gathering of intelligence is just as important as the way in which it is handled and the methods in which it is distributed. In terms of intelligence gathering, it is hard to do better than the experts in Navy intelligence.

Terms of Your Commitment

The work that you will be doing is not only highly secretive, but it is just a little nerve racking. This is why you will go through four years of active service followed by four years of reserve service. It will also be required that you are able to gain Top Secret clearance in order to work in this position. This is because you will be working with information which is of the highest degree of importance to the safety and security of the American society.

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Officer Position

The position of working in Navy intelligence is an officer position. This is why you will not go through basic training like the rest of the enlisted personnel. Instead, you will go through Officer Candidate School. Beyond this training, you will also go through a five month training course with the Marine Corps Intelligence Training Center. When you are finished, you will understand how to do your job properly and protect the nation. Click on the link above to find out even more about this and other career paths in the US Navy.




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