Benefits of Being a USAF Airborne Cryptologic Apprentice

Infiltrating enemy communications is highly important to being able to stay ahead. This is why the United States Air Force hires and trains some of the best and the brightest to learn all of the enemies communications as they are happening. The best part is that the communication will be intercepted whether it has been encoded or not. It is the job of the airborne cryptologic apprentice to find and record all encrypted messages and then pass them along to through the correct channels.

What is Required of You

The first thing you need to understand is that you will not have to be a linguist in order to work in this position. You will not even have to understand what it is you are recording. The only thing you will need to understand is how to use complicated machinery in order to detect and record information which has been designed to be kept secret from the US Military. You will then pass along the communication for others to translate and rate according to importance.

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Career with a Future

The great part about working such a highly technical field is that there is always room for advancement. This will allow you to realize more leadership in a shorter period of time than in other fields in the Air Force. This will also mean more opportunities should you ever decide to leave the Air Force. Click on the link above for even more information on your future in the US Air Force.




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Please tell me more about this career. I have always wanted to do something like this but I do not want to be away from my wife and kids.

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Mu husband also likes this job but has the same worries that he will be away from us. We also would like more information abut this job.

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