Important Career as a USAF Airborne ISR Operator

The United States Air Force flies several reconnaissance missions every day. These missions are of great importance to have a realistic look at what is happening on the ground at all times. This includes troop movements as well as discovering the locations of different military targets. It is the job of the Air borne Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) Operator in the US Air Force to collect and report all data which is pertinent.

Collecting Information

The date you will be collecting will be through missions which are in the air as well as looking at recorded data after a mission has been flown. You will then report all important information through the proper channels to make sure that the ground troops know what is going on. The information you will report is also important to make sure that future missions can be planned to take care of such things as weapons caches and fuel depots.

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Training for Your Career

Like every other career in the US Air Force, you will go through extensive training to make you an expert not only in collecting data, but making sure that it is reported to the proper organizations in time. Your training will start in the classroom, but will be on-going as you work in your field. You will also be responsible in time for training others. Click on the link above to find out more about this and other careers in the US Air Force.




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