Great Career in Navy Food, Restaurant and Lodging

The United States Navy has an obligation to house and feed over 300,000 sailors every year. There are many different programs which cover the day to day operations which make this happen as well as different locations. Whether on a vessel or on base, sailors need to eat and they need to be fed. This is why there is a division of the US Navy which is devoted to providing each sailor everything they need in both regards. Those working in food, restaurant and lodging will make it their responsibility to give the sailors what they need.

Feeding the Troops

There are many places on the base which allow the sailors to get the food that they need. There are restaurants which service sailors willing to pay for a better cooked meal as well as dining halls which will provide a nice meal during service time. On a vessel, there are galleys which will prepare and serve sailors in between shifts and for snacks. These meals are portioned and controlled for proper nutrition and calorie count.

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Lodging on Base

There are times when sailors will go to a different base so that they will be able to enjoy a vacation or so that they can move to a new base. There is temporary housing available through lodging which will allow the sailors to stay without any obligation. This same housing will put up friends and family when they are visiting from out of town. To learn more about this and other careers, click on the link above.




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