Helping in Navigation in the US Coast Guard

There are few things scarier than being lost at sea. This can happen when vessels lose control and also when there is a power failure on board. For whatever reason it happens there are plenty of vessels which become lost at sea and in need of help. This is when the United States Coast Guard comes in handy. They have the ability to help vessels get their bearings so that they will be able to make it safely back to land.

Talking Them In

One of the ways in which you will help a vessel to get back home is if they are stranded in a bad storm. You will be able to help to give them directions that they will then be able to start sailing in the correct direction. This is normally done through the communications masts in the boats. They will be able to use a standard compass in order to find their way to the directions you are providing them so that they can reach shore safely.

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Guiding Them In

When all else fails, the way to bring ships back home is through the use of a USCG vessel guiding them in to shore. This can happen because all communication to the vessel has been severed through the loss of power or because the communication equipment was damaged in the storm. Click on the link above to find out how you can get started with your career in the USCG.




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