Coast Guard Education For Advancement

In October of 2004 there came into being a brand new system for helping an enlisted person learn to be a petty officer in the United States Coast Guard.  It is an overall professional military education system for enlisted persons, and is designed to help teach basics of leadership and other skills to enable a person to perform more effectively. The Coast Guard Enlisted PME system talks about a variety of subjects, including administration, education, training, personal development, enlisted heritage, Coast Guard History, leadership, management, wellness, as well as other subjects.  The Coast Guard Enlisted PME system has three parts:

-Coast Guard Performance and Knowledge requirements.

-The Enlisted PME Study Guide.

-The Enlisted Advancement Qualification Exam.

The makeup of the Coast Guard Enlistment Study Guide is the information required for the Knowledge and Performance requirements.  It gives information in raw and detailed format for all the quizzes, references, information, graphics, tables, charts and other data needed to prepare for the Enlisted Advancement Qualification Exam. In order to qualify for advancement to any higher pay grade, you have to first have all the Performance and Knowledge requirements completed and witnessed by another person.  This is the person that your Commanding Officer has designated able to sign your qualifications.

By completing the Performance and Knowledge requirements, and then passing the Enlisted Advancement Qualification exam you will prove to the Coast Guard that you are prepared and truly ready for advancement. Once you have done these steps, you are ready to take the Service wide competitive exam.

The Enlisted PME system has been redesigned to help cover the things that a petty officer will need to know, including leadership and management skills to better equip the enlisted person. It stresses the things that you need to know and be proficient in before you are able to advance.

There is often a misconception that exists in the Active Duty Coast Guard, that there is not really a need to study the books before taking an Advancement Qualification Exam. Some people think that they want to take the test the first time just to see what is on it.  This is silly, because there are multiple versions of the test.  In a word: STUDY, and you will not have to take any part of the advancement process twice.  You will save yourself time, trouble and heartache, as well as making the entire Coast Guard that much closer to military readiness.




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I’m geting my g.e.d. right now but i also have a criminal background of a theft,i was wondering if i can try to join??

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What are 3 educational tips i need to Enter the Coast Gaurd

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