Find Your Future in USMC Food Service

Whether on the base or in the field, the troops have to eat. It is the job of those working in the United States Marine Corps to make sure that all the troops receive the proper nutrition they need in order to do their jobs every day. There are many different ways in which soldiers get their meals in the USMC. Whether they are eating in a mess hall, officer dining hall or in a mess tent in country, it is important those preparing the meals know what they are doing.

Variety of Assignments

With the training you receive in the United States Marine Corps, you will have the ability to work in most any situation. You will be able to create meals in professional kitchens as well as in make-shift kitchens. You will learn how to make gourmet meals to order as well as mass production cooking for the entire outfit. As your skills progress, you will be able to enjoy a variety of different work conditions.

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In Demand Skills

No matter where your life takes you, there will always be someone looking for a good meal. With the training you receive in the USMC, you will be able to find employment in some of the hottest restaurants in the world. You will also be able to advance in your career in the Marines. The choice is yours to mae. It all starts by clicking on the link above to find out more information.




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hey i was wondering if theres a GED program i can attend to in the navy reserve aswell as my skill/ training.

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How does advancement through the enlisted ranks as a FS worker in the USMC compare to the Army & Navy? All things being equal, does any service promote faster than another?

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