The Many Options of Air Force ROTC

The United States Air Force has many different options for enrollment. You can enlist directly through a recruiter. You can also go through an ROTC program. The question many people have is what they can expect when they go through an ROTC program. This is a fair question and the more you know about what to expect, the easier it will be for you to make it the program. Of course, you should also know what benefits you get out of enrolling in an ROTC program.

Education for Your Career

When you go through an ROTC program, it is because you are going through a college curriculum at the time. What you study is up to you. If you are intent on making a career out of the Air Force, you will be able to study in a field which will allow you to make the most out of your time in the Air Force. You will also be able to enjoy faster advancements in your career.

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Military Training

When you finish ROTC, you will be entering the Air Force as an officer. This is why you will need to understand how the Air Force works. You will go through military history classes as well as learning about military command structures. You will also go through drills during summer periods and on weekends throughout the school year. Click on the link above to find out even more about your future in Air Force ROTC.




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