Enlisted Professional Military Education

There are three different schools that the Air Force uses to bolster the education of its enlisted Ranks.  The Community College of the Air Force is a different program, and is another example of how the Air Force Trains its enlisted people in a fine manner. But the three schools that are detailed for further education are a bit different. Enlisted specialty schools help to teach knowledge and perspective of leadership, military studies, world affairs and how to communicate to a variety of people. Supervisors in the Air Force attempt to make sure that when their enlisted subordinates qualify for one of these schools, that they are given a chance to attend. The enlisted Resident PME programs have three schools or courses that are specialized.  Each is designed for particular group of enlisted people at a different experience and grade level. Leadership School- The leadership school for Airmen helps take Airmen and train them for Senior Airmen leadership billets. This is an enlisted entry-level school, after having been in the service for a specific length of time or after having been selected for promotion to Staff Sergeant. It is a course that lasts four weeks, and gives practice, instruction and skills to students learning how to become proficient leaders. It deals with profession of arms, communication in both oral and written formats, and how to be an effective leader and motivate people. The roles of military supervisors, and their contribution are examined, as well as the mission of the Air Force, and its goals.  NOTE: This school must be completed by a Senior Airman to be promoted to the Rank of Staff Sergeant. NCO Academy- This is a non commissioned officer school that is designed for personnel who are wishing advancement to Tech Sergeant.  It is a little more in depth than the Leadership school.  The NCO Academy is a six-week course of instruction, which covers much of the same material as the Leadership School. It simply goes a little more in depth in some areas, including informal and formal group leadership, personnel management, problem solving, and how to effectively communicate in writing.  NOTE:  The NCO Academy is necessary before advancing to the rank of Master Sergeant. Senior NCO Academy- This is the top-level leadership course. It is a seven-week course that is held at Maxwell AFB in Alabama. It is for Master Sergeants, Senior Master Sergeants, and Command Master Sergeant candidates.




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Yes. It is one of the top 3 hardest brhcnaes for officers to get because it is wanted by every new LT, along with Infantry and Aviation. For some reasson they think they are going to be doing “James Bond” sh*t which is FAR from reality.MI is also one of those brhcnaes that could operate just fine without commissioned officers. The enlisted and warrant officers do almost everything in that branch. MI gets some good folks as officers they could just be better utilized in another career field.References :

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