How to be a USAF Munitions Systems Apprentice

Munitions are used every day in the United States Air Force. These are used in different missions including training exercises and in battle. It is important that the munitions systems are up to date as well as maintained properly so that they will always be in proper working order. It takes a special individual to understand how to maintain and update these systems. This is the job of the munitions systems apprentice.

Having the Skills

Before you go through any training, you will first need to be able to attain the position. This will be based on your score on the ASVAB as well as the skills you bring to the table. You should not only have an interest in working with weapons systems. You should also have the understanding of mechanical systems and how to perform basic maintenance on electrical systems. This will help you to be selected over others for the position.

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Going Through Training

Before you will be allowed to work with the highly important munitions systems in the US Air Force, you will have to go through extensive and comprehensive training. You will be taught how to work on the different kinds of munitions including the racks which hold the weapons and how to make sure that the right ordnance is being used at all times. To find out how you can get started in this career, click on the link above.




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