Explosive Career as an Army Ordnance Officer

Ordnance is nothing more than propelling an object through the air through a controlled explosion. The object might be a static bullet or it may be something which is explosive. It is of the utmost importance that the ordnance is handled and stored correctly so that it does not become more hazardous to those who will be using it. This is why the job of the ordnance officer is so important to the success of the US Army.

Important Training

Because of the volatile nature of the ordnance you will be handling every day, it is of the utmost importance that you get the right kind of training. Of course, you will be an officer so you will not be going through basic training with the rest of the troops. Instead you will go through Ordnance Officer Basic Course (OOBC). This way you will be able to understand what to look for and how to conduct your job.

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What You Will Do

On a daily basis, you will conduct inspections of the ordnance which you have on hand. You will also perform routine inspections of what is on hand and what needs to be ordered to keep your unit fully armed and ready at all times. You will also be expected to train the troops in how to properly use the ordnance they are in charge of so that they will stay safe. Click on the link above to get started in this exciting career.




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