Military Apprenticeship And Education

There is a program for Servicemembers that are serving in the United States Marine Corps, Coast Guard, or Navy that allows active duty service personnel to complete different civilian apprenticeship elements while doing their jobs on active duty.  It is called the United States Military Apprenticeship Program, and it is designed to allow Servicemembers on active duty to complete different elements required under Civilian apprenticeship programs.  All while serving at their job on active duty. This program is a valuable effort to allow Servicemembers to improve their job skills all the while gaining ground on requirements for civilian apprenticeship programs.

The program is recognized by the Department of Labor, and they issue a certificate that is nationally recognized when the program is completed.  This U.S. Department of Labor Certificate of Completion, is widely recognized and accepted throughout the nation. To qualify for the program there are certain stipulations:

-Be currently on active duty in the Navy, Coast Guard or Marine Corps.

-Possess a H.S. Diploma.

-The trade selected has to be your primary Job at your command or station.

-Have enough time to complete the program while on active duty.

-Round up the required documentation.

Using the USMAP apprenticeship program is a win-win situation.  It is a win for the individual Servicemember because it allows for progress to be made on civilian qualifications for the job market while still on active duty.  It is a win for the military in that it helps streamline and formalize different types of training in the military and civilian worlds, and helps bridge the gap between the two different types of training.  Plus, it helps maintain military readiness and preparedness.  The benefits of using the USMAP apprenticeship program are many.

Participation in the USMAP apprenticeship program does not require you to make any off duty investment of hours.  You can utilize up to half of the program on the job requirements directly from time you spend doing your job on active duty.  The U.S. Department of Labor certificate is an advantage because prospective employers know the value of experience that can be documented and that is standardized.

The USMAP program is a structured, formal training program.  To apply, you need to send in an application to USMAP.  They will take your application, and after approval send you a package including a notebook to keep a log of your hours that you complete on the job duties.




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military dot image Shane    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

United States Military Apprenticeship Program, looks to be a very good thing. Why is it not offered to the ARMY, and AIR FORCE? That seems a little un-equal. Do Army/Air force soldiers not get the same type of Government programs offered to them? Please respond.

military dot image Walt    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

How would one go about applying for it?

military dot image Teacher    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

As a teacher, I question the validity of the USMAP program. Admittedly they have made some strides in law enforcement apprenticeships. However, USMAP is mainly for Commonwealthers and the like. It has yet to live up to the name of United “States” Military Apprenticeship Program.

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